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2019-09-21 04:00

Firefox 19 is released today and will add an integrated PDF reader. Since Mozilla moved to faster iterations of Firefox, like Chrome, we rarely see big changes in updates, so a PDF reader is big news.Jun 17, 2014 Re: Viewing PDF documents in Firefox 19 pwillener Feb 22, 2013 1: 49 AM ( in response to pwillener ) Additionally you can disable PDF. js in about: config (pdfjs. disbledtrue). firefox 19 pdf

On recent versions of Firefox (since 19), you have to disable the bugged and native PDF viewer (pdf. js) in about: config. Set the pdfjs. disabled property to true

Firefox 19. NEW: Builtin PDF viewer. CHANGED: Canvas elements can export their content as an image blob using canvas. toBlob(). CHANGED: Startup Firefox 19 now supports the same inbrowser PDF function as Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Advertisement Other changes include startup performance improvements, HTML5 changes, and more developer options. firefox 19 pdf The new FF 19 beta has a PDF reader based on JavaScript and HTML5 Web technologies more secure and safer than proprietary PDF viewing plugins.

Firefox 19 Released With New Integrated PDF Viewer by Roy Published February 20, 2013 Updated March 11, 2015 Firefox 19 has been released with a new firefox 19 pdf I tried the two methods I've heard so far to disable the new firefox 19 pdf viewr: in about: config set pdfjs. disable to true pdf view application The trouble: when I set the viewing application for pdf to Foxit, firefox automatically downloads the pdf to open it in the separate application.

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