Work energy and power problems pdf

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Physics 1120: Work& Energy Solutions Energy 1. In the diagram below, the spring has a force constant of 5000 Nm, the block has a mass of 6. 20 kg, and the height h of the hill is 5. 25 m. Since the problem involves a change is height and has a spring, we make use of the Generalized Work Energy Theorem.Work and Power Worksheet Answer each question by calculating for the missing variable. Be sure to show all If you do 2. 7 J of work in the process, how far have you moved the book? 2. A child pulls a sled up a snowcovered hill. The child does 405 J of work on the sled. If the child walks 15 m up the hill, how large of a force must the child work energy and power problems pdf

Example problems: Work& Power Two soccer players work out in the off season by sprinting up a 40 hill for a distance of 100 m before stopping, resting, and walking back down. Mia has a mass of 60 kg. Julie has a mass of 65 kg. Microsoft PowerPoint Work, Power, and Energy

Work& Energy Word Problems Calculating Work Work has a special meaning in science. It is the product of the force applied to an object and the distance Calculating Power Power is the amount of work done per unit of time. The unit for power, joulessecond, is the watt. Power Solved Examples on Work, Power and Energy: Problem 1: A small object of mass m 234 g slides along a track with elevated ends and a central flat part, as shown in below figure. work energy and power problems pdf Work, Energy& Power AP Physics B. There are many different TYPES of Energy. Energy is expressed in JOULES (J) 4. 19 J 1 calorie Energy can be expressed more The Work Energy Theorem And so what we really have is called the WORKENERGY THEOREM. It basically means that if we impart work to an

of work done by his force is just the component of the force in the direction of motion the WorkEnergy Theorem is still valid. Nowever, now the net work includes the work done by friction: W We will use the Workenergy theorem to solve the problem. There are three forces acting: gravity, friction, and the force normal to the surfaces. work energy and power problems pdf Physics Notes Class 11 CHAPTER 6 WORK, ENERGY AND POWER Work When a force acts on an object and the object actually moves in the direction of force, then the work is said to be done by the force. Work done by the force is equal to the product of the force and the displacement of the object Problems: Work, Energy, Power 1) A 10. 0 kg mass sliding on a frictionless horizontal surface at 7. 00 ms hits a spring that is attached to a wall. Work, Energy and Power Practice Test 1 14. A 5: 0 102newton girl takes 10. seconds to run up two ights of stairs to a landing, a total of 5. 0 meters vertically above her starting point. A Guide to Work, Energy and Power Teaching Approach Work, Energy and Power is a topic which comprise of three concepts which are very closely related work and energy and power. The words work and power must be clearly defined Examples of problems of power and solutions are provided. Resource Material

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