The freemason architecture of history pdf

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The Architecture of History (How the World has been SetUp) Is history being 'concocted Yes it is. Hidden powerful interests associated with 33rd degree freemasonry are attempting to take credit in 'architect'ing history to create a despotic one world totalitarian government.Modern history is understandable only in terms of the ongoing campaign by the Illuminati (which infiltrated Freemasonry in 1781) to destroy Western Civilization and enslave mankind. Nesta Websters book World Revolution (1921) and John Daniels Scarlet and the the freemason architecture of history pdf

Keywords: esotericism, freemasonry, geometry, history, symbolism 1 From the Halliwell Manuscript (sometimes called the Regius Poem) c. . The Halliwell MS. is the oldest known record of freemasonry, although line 143 of the MS. suggests a still older document.

The primary task of freemasonry is to combat knowledge of the real world and to ignore the facts from true history. (281) Exoteric Freemasonry is for the rubes. It is about making good men better etc. The real Freemasonry, the esoteric or occult, known to adepts, is about conquering the world for Lucifer. to the art of architecture, should be in future directed to the illus tration of the science of morality. 1 Bro. Hughan has published excerpts from the minutes. See Mackey's National Freemason, vol, iii. , p. 233. 2 See Hughan's History of Freemasonry in York, in his Masonic Sketches and Re prints, p. 55. the freemason architecture of history pdf Five hold a Lodge, in allusion to the five noble orders of architecture, namely the Tuscan, Doric, Ionic. Corinthian and Composite. All Freemasons are familiar with the explanation of the Second Tracing Board, and the reference to the Five Noble Orders of Architecture, but not all are as well acquainted with the Orders themselves.

Contents Preface vii Introduction 1 Part 1: The Origins of Freemasonry from an extensive knowledge of architecture. The organization was represented hierarchically. 2. The history of Freemasonry and its origins will form the first part of this book. In the second part, we will study the evolution of the pro the freemason architecture of history pdf Freemasonry in Ulster, : A Social and Political History of the Masonic Brotherhood in the North of Ireland (2007) Stevenson. David. The Origins of Freemasonry: Scotland's Century, (Cambridge University Press, 1990) Stevenson. David. David Stevenson. Freemasonry& the Enlightenment: Architecture, Symbols, & Influences is an enriched and expanded development of an earlier work by the author, this book being prefaced by that other eminent British historian of Freemasonry, Andrew Prescott. After an elaborate and exceedingly uptodate introduction to the complex history of the genesis and first steps of the organisation, Curl considers Masonic History of Freemasonry in the just position which it should occupy but has never yet occupied, is the object of the labors expended in the composition of the first part of this work. The second part of the work will pass out of the field of myth and legend and be

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