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Math 7 Notes Geometry: ThreeDimensional Figures Page 2 of 40 Revised 2014 NACS A cone is a solid with one circular base and a surface that comes to a. point called the vertex. base. The most common prisms students should know are the: . Rectangular Prism Notice there are two rectangular bases and 4 more rectangular faces.SOLIDS, NETS, AND CROSS SECTIONS Polyhedra In this section, we will examine various threedimensional figures, known as solids. This is a pentagonal prism, since the bases are pentagons. It is a right prism, since the Draw a rectangular prism and then draw its net. 3. Draw a regular right octagonal prism and then draw its net. 4. pentagonal prism net pdf

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Net (hexagonal prism) Title: Microsoft Word nethexprism. doc Author: Administrator Created Date: 1: 03: 01 PM Identify each solid given its net. 1) pentagonal pyramid 2) cone 3) triangular pyramid 4) square pyramid 5) hexagonal pyramid 6) rectangular prism 7) rectangular pyramid 8) pentagonal prism1 pentagonal prism net pdf Paper Models of Polyhedra It's permitted to make copies for noncommercial purposes only email: Paper Models of Polyhedra Platonic Solids Archimedean Solids KeplerPoinsot Polyhedra Triangular Prism Pentagonal Prism Pe ntagonal Antiprism Triangular Prism Octagonal Prism Octagonal Antiprism

Net the twodimensional representation of all of the faces of a polyhedron. As if the edges were opened and it was laid out flat. Net of a Regular Pentagonal Prism: pentagonal prism net pdf paper model of a pentagonal prism. Print the PDF file to make the paper model. Net of a Rectangular Prism! Y. Net of a Triangular Prism! K. Net of a Cylinder! H. Net of a TriangleBased Pyramid! A. Net of a SquareBased Pyramid! S. Microsoft Word Geometric Nets Printable Pack. docx Specifically, getting the pupils to calculate surface area of the net first is a Triangular Prism Cube Cuboid Pentagonal Prism Square Based Pyramid Pentagonal Based Pyramid Hexagonal Based Pyramid Tetrahedron Octahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron Make 3D Shapes Pentagonal Prism Copyright 1998 2005 G. Korthals Altes

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