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Star Topology A star topology is designed with each node (like workstations, printers, laptops, servers etc. ) connected directly to a central device called as a network switch. Each workstation has a cable that goes from its network card to a network switch.Star topology uses a central hub through which, all components are connected. In a Star topology, the central hub is the host computer, and at the end of each connection is a terminal as shown in Figure. star topologies pdf

Star Topology Easy to troubleshoot and isolate More difficult to implement problems A central connecting device allows for a single point of failure network topologies Network can be expanded without disruption to current users Potential security issues associated with

In Star topology, all the components of network are connected to the central device called hub which may be a hub, a router or a switch. Unlike Bus topology (discussed earlier), where nodes were connected to central cable, here all the workstations are connected to A tree topology joins multiple star topologies together onto a bus. In its simplest form, only hub devices connect directly to the tree bus, and each hub functions as the root of a tree of devices. star topologies pdf Star Topology Advantages& Disadvantages A central connection point for all workstations and peripherals Central connection point is not necessarily a servermore typically it is a hub Any link can fail without affecting the rest of the Network Topologies Author:

2. 3 Star Network Topology Star Network Topology requires the use of a central top level node to which all other nodes are connected. This top level node may be a computer, or a simple switch, or just a common connection point. star topologies pdf Star Topologies Pdf Hybrid Network Topology There are very many different network topologies exist, including hybrid one and you can always make it once you have ConceptDraw PRO as well as all of the needed solutions. the network. The star topology reduces the chance of network failure by connecting all of the systems to a central node. Star Topology Star Topology Advantages of Star Topology Easy to manage Easy to locate problems (cableworkstations) Easier to expand than a bus or ring topology.

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