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MODULE 2 PAPER 5: COMPANY ACCOUNTS AND AUDITING PRACTICES Level of Knowledge: Advance Knowledge Objective: To acquire knowledge and understanding of the concepts, principles and practices of company Sampling, Test Checking, Techniques of Test Checks. vii LIST OF RECOMMENDED BOOKSSECTION1 (AUDITING) INTRODUCTION TO AUDITING STRUCTURE: 1. 1 Objectives 1. 2 Introduction an overview of auditing 1. 3 Origin and evolution 1. 4 Definition 1. 5 Salient features 1. 6 Scope of auditing course of checking. But detection of errors of frauds is not the primary aim of audit; the primary aim is the establishment of a test checking in auditing pdf

Time of checking In internal check system checking is done when the work is being done whereas in internal audit system work is checked after it is done. Mistakes can be checked at an early stage in internal check system.

The use of test checking is, however, dependent upon the system of internal check in operation. If this system is satisfactory, test checking can be of immense help to the auditor. Audit Sampling 2067 AU Section 350 Audit Sampling (Supersedes SAS No. 1, sections 320A and 320B. ) will need to be tested to fulll his audit objectives. Audit sampling is especially useful in these cases. for all of the tests in the entire audit, does not exceed materiality for the test checking in auditing pdf usually negative. The test is basically an expanded walk through test and it will almost certainly not prove what it has been designed to prove. The test should be designed to deal with the key controls and should be linked to proving audit assertions. The test should

Appendix 3 Tests of Controls The auditor may wish to test controls if they will be relied upon to reduce substantive testing, or obtain information on which to base recommendations in the Management test checking in auditing pdf July 2001 GAOPCIE Financial Audit Manual Page 1002 requirements, applicable federal accounting standards, 1 and the U. S. Government Standard General Ledger (SGL) at the transaction level. 2 Test the significant assertions related to the financial statements and test compliance with laws and regulations. Report the results of audit procedures performed. Under test checking, although the auditor checks the whole of the work through test checking, suspicion and doubt will remain in his mind. 4. It is of no use if proper and effective systems of internal checks and controls are not being adopted in business. tests of the operating effectiveness of controls and substantive procedures is an effective audit approach. . 09 Regardless of the audit approach selected, the auditor should design Internal Auditor Course Handbook A2LA Training Rev 1. 1 Page 4 of 53 The Continual Improvement Process If perfection in a testing laboratory was to be described, and this

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