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Product Manuals& Data Sheets. Can't seem to find what you're looking for here? ME0913 Drawings. ME0913 Power Chart at 48v. ME1002 Data Sheet. ME1002 Drawings. ME1117 Drawing. ME1115 Drawing. ME1616 Drawing. ME1507 Drawing. ME1616 Power Chart. Impulse 9 Brochure. Perm 132Electric Motorsport, Inc Check By: JF Confidential Page 1 of 4 Features! BLDC motor, axial air gap design, dual stator design! Patent Pending permanent magnet rotor The ME0913 is an Open Frame, Fan Cooled version of the 8 diameter family of BLDC motors. The me0913 pdf

Dec 27, 2010 John has no stock of the ME0913 as yet in the US, that could be 6 weeks. Retail around the 600 mark.

Full Text: Civil Engineer board exam Free download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online for free. PRC, CE Motor is not included in the price. Click here to order ME0913 Motor. KLS7275D 1 ME0913 BLDC Motor 1 KLSD assembly1 05K Throttle Pedal1 F V10A Charger1 Kelly Charge meter1 PC RS232 cable1 USB to RS232 Converter1 DCDC Converter 72V to 13. 5V1 Best for high performance golf cart, compact cars, etc. me0913 pdf Ilustracin 5. 38. Simulacin 2. Ciclo de conduccin 1. Estado de carga. Motor ME0913. . 53 Ilustracin 5. 39. Simulacin 2. Ciclo de conduccin 2. Estado de carga. Motor ME0913. . 53 Ilustracin 5. 40. Simulacin 2. Ciclo de conduccin 1. Eficiencia. Motor ME0913. . 54 Ilustracin 5. 41.

The ME0913 is obsolete. See ME1306 at the dropin replacement. Both motors have the same mounting face, shaft, and sensor assembly. me0913 pdf 2006 Kawasaki EX250 Mars ME1115 3Phase AC Changed from ME0913: Drivetrain: 420 chain 60T rear and 18T front. Controller: Sevcon Gen4 Size 6 Moved from a Kelly KLS I to a Sevcon Gen4 Size 6. 660A Peak Regen Throttle on left side. Used MTB brake lever and Pressure transducer. Mechanical Engineer Board exam Free download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online for free. Home FAQ& Documents Motenergy Motors Documents: Motenergy Motors Documents. ME0708 Motor ME0708 Performance Data ME0708 Performance Data. pdf: ME0708 Line Drawing ME0913 Performance Data. pdf: ME0913 Line Drawing ME0913 Line Drawing. pdf: ME1012 Motor: ME1012 Motor ME1012 Line Drawing Sheet. pdf: ME1003 Motor ME0913 E Encoder U V W 26 15 5 17 29 Red Black Blue Green White BBattery KEY SW 1 LINE CONT 3 4 B 2 24 13 28 6 5 4 Connector for Drive Wizard, Calibrator or Clear View Display. 1 6 Way Connector 3 Crimp Pins, Male. 24 V Coil 2 ThunderStruck Wiring Gen4 to Mars ME0913 Motor 33 Thermistor BU V W TSM NA April 2012 Not

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