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Systematic Design for a Successive Approximation ADC Single Ended SARADC. 8 2 V REF V REF V REF V REF v in 8C 4C 2C C Clock sample sample. Sampling Mode 9 V REF V REF v in 8C 4C 2C C Power (Analog) 1. 16 W 0. 72W 2. 2 W Area 0. 062 mm2 0. 122 mm2 0. 053 mm2 [email protected] 47. 40 dB 46. 2dB 43. 8 dBWhat is ADC(Analog to Digital Converter) Uses Successive Approximation Register (SAR) supplies an approximate digital code to DAC of Vin. Comparison changes digital output to bring it closer to the input value. Uses ClosedLoop Feedback Conversion. sar adc tutorial pdf

of Successive Approximation Register (SAR) ADC ECE 614 Spring 08 April 28, 2008 By Prashanth Busa. 2 Talk Outline Various ADC Architectures SAR ADC Introduction and Operation Charge Redistribution SAR ADC Different SAR ADC topologies Comparison with other ADCs Summary. 3

Furthermore, performance testing of SAR ADC is under progress. 2. Objective The Data Converters are widely used in wireless communication, digital audio and video applications. There are many kind of ADC such as flash ADC, Integrating ADC, pipeline ADC and SAR ADC. The SAR ADC can be build using resistor string DAC or Capacitor array DAC. TUTORIAL. ADC Architectures II: Successive Approximation ADCs. by Walt Kester. INTRODUCTION. The successive approximation ADC has been the mainstay of data acquisition systems for many years. Recent design improvements have extended the sampling frequency of these ADCs into the megahertz region with 18bit resolution. sar adc tutorial pdf Keywords: sar, successive to TUTORIAL 1080 Understanding SAR ADCs: Their Architecture and Comparison with Other ADCs Oct 02, 2001 Abstract: (SAR) analogtodigital converters (ADCs) represent the majority of the ADC market for medium to highresolution ADCs.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. sar adc tutorial pdf Low Voltage CMOS SAR ADC Page 8 Functional Decomposition This section breaks the design down into 3 separate levels. Level 0 depicts a basic block diagram showing all of the inputs and outputs of the ADC. Level 1 depicts the basic flow of the signals in the design and how the signal processing works. sar adc timing The fundamental timing diagram for a typical SAR ADC is shown in Figure 2. The end of conversion is generally indicated by an endofconvert (EOC), dataready (DRDY), or a busy signal (actually, notBUSY indicates end of conversion).

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