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The Second Intifada changed everyone's thinking about the conflict 13 years ago, from George Bush to the Arab leaders Writers Ian Lustick and Nathan Thrall have lately suggested that violence inThe Second Intifada, commonly referred to as the AlAqsa Intifada or the second uprising, began in late 2000 as a result of Israeli occupation policies that not only continued to violate international law but to deprive Palestinians of their basic human rights. second intifada pdf

The early stages of the second Intifada produced two very powerful images in this realm. The first was the dramatic pictures of Mohammad alDurrah being shot and killed as he and his father attempted to shield themselves from the crossfire.

Palestinian Suicide Terrorism 67 one hand, and the process in which suicide bombings are executed on the other. The model assumes that such an attack is the result of a twophase process. The Second Intifada: Background and Causes of the IsraeliPalestinian Conflict. by Jeremy Pressman. INTRODUCTION. What caused the outbreak of the second intifada? The conventional wisdom places the blame on one of two central figures, Ariel Sharon or Yasser Arafat. second intifada pdf Where the first Intifada was characterized most memorably by Palestinian youths throwing stones at Israeli soldiers, the second Intifada was far bloodier, taking on the aspects of armed conflict, guerilla warfare, and terrorist attacks.

This report provides data on the cumulative effects on the Palestinian economy and society of Israeli restrictions imposed and damage inflicted during the alAqsa intifada through January 2003. The author argues that Israel is deliberately impoverishing the Palestinian population and that the United States, by failing to curb Israel, is complicit. second intifada pdf The Second Intifada, also known as the AlAqsa Intifada (Arabic: Intifat alAq; Hebrew: Intifdat ElAqtzah), was a period of intensified IsraeliPalestinian violence, and which the Palestinian describe as an uprising against Israel. (including 21 suicide bombers) and the injury of 928 others. A second and more lethal wave of suicide bombings began on Oct. 26, 2000. By July 12, 2005, suicide bombers were responsible for the deaths of an additional 657 people (including 148 suicide bombers) and the injury of 3, 682 others. Table 1 outlines the annual toll and the grim totals. The Second Palestinian Intifada has been characterized not only by the intensity of violence between the Palestinians and Israel, but also by the struggle between the different Palestinian factions for supremacy within the Palestinian community. The Second Intifada, also called the AlAqsa Intifada, was the second of two Palestinian uprisings against Israel, and is characterized by intensified violence between Palestinians and Israelis. The date and cause of the Intifada is debated, but it is generally agreed to have started September 28, 2000.

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