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Royal Vopak Annual Report 2010 3 Profile With a history spanning almost four centuries, Vopak is the global market leader in the independent storage and handlingKoninklijke KPN NV Annual Report 2015 (PDF) Koninklijke KPN NV Annual Report 2014 (PDF) Koninklijke KPN NV Annual Report 2013 (PDF) KPN; Netherlands; Ernst& Young; Basic Materials; Koninklijke KPN NV Period End 31 December 2005. Submitted by kpn annual report 2010 pdf

KPN Annual Report 2016. Mission. Connected to the future. KPN at a glance. Introduction by the CEO Our main achievements Review of the year 2016 Our purpose Our organization and the value we create Our strategy Connected to the future. Group performance. Material items Customer loyalty

KPN Integrated Annual Report 2017 KPN at a glance Who we are and what we do Financial report Appendices fiSal oci esgur The longterm value we create How we safeguard longterm value Appendices Table 7: Gender proportions at management level (as a of total top and middle management) Top 2015 Middle Top 2016 A number of these factors are described (not exhaustively) in the Annual Report 2009. KPNs Annual Report 2010 is expected to be available by the end of February 2011. kpn annual report 2010 pdf KPNs Integrated Annual Report 2016 won the European Excellence Award for the best Integrated Annual Report& CSR report. Our 2016 report was built around our nine most material topics. For our 2017 report, we have used our value creation model to

2 KPN Annual report 2010 Introduction by the CEO 2010 was the final year of this strategy period and was itself a crucial year. We have been able to show that the kpn annual report 2010 pdf Today, KPN published its Integrated Annual Report 2017. In his introduction, CEO Eelco Blok reflects on a year in which KPN made good progress with the execution of its strategy and ICT is starting to play an ever more important role for consumers, businesses and society as a whole. KPN Integrated Annual Report 2016 KPN Integrated Annual Report 2016 Connected to the future. KPN Annual Report 2016 Mission Connected to the future KPN at a glance Group performance Our organization Report by the Supervisory Board Financial Statements Appendices 1 Connected to KPN Annual Report 2009 www. kpn. com 3 KPN is a leading international telecommunications service provider. We offer products and services that are easy to use and that help customers KPN Annual Report KPN obtains first prize in the 2010 Transparency Benchmark of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, winning De Kristal, the award for the most transparent social report in the Netherlands. At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Eelco Blok is appointed KPNs new CEO, in succession to Ad

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