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This paper considers single machine scheduling and due date assignment with setup time. The setup time is proportional to the length of the already processed jobs; that is, the setup time is (psd).In this paper we consider single machine scheduling problems with a common duedate for all jobs, arbitrary monotone earliness and tardiness costs and arbitrary breakdown and repair processes. We show that the problem is equivalent to a deterministic one without single machine scheduling pdf

Single Machine Scheduling: Comparison of MIP Formulations and Heuristics for Interfering Job Sets by Ketan Khowala A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment

OPERATIONS SCHEDULING SUPPLEMENT J J3 the complexity of scheduling a manufacturing process. When a job order is received for a part, the raw materials are collected and the batch is moved to its first operation. SingleMachine Scheduling Minimizing Flow time Shortest Processing Time (SPT) Sequence of jobs ordered from the smallest to largest processing times Is this optimal? single machine scheduling pdf AND ZIJM need to be processed on a singlemachine. in particular. . The machine is available from time 0 onwards and can process no more than one job at a time.

Scheduling Problems and Solutions A completed job cannot move from one machine to the next due to limited buffer space in the queue. Therefore, it blocks Consider again a schedule with three machines and two jobs. The routing of the two jobs is the same as in the previous example. single machine scheduling pdf Single machine scheduling with controllable processing times: a parametric study InSoo Lee Management Science, Korea Advanced lnstitute of Science and Technology, 3731, Kusungdong, Yusunggu, Taejon, 305 701, Korea (Received June 18, 1990; accepted in revised form June 10, 1991 ) To illustrate the development of solution approaches for a robust scheduling problem, we consider a singlemachine environment where the performance criterion of interest is the total flow time 5 Machine Environments Q1: single machine Many job scheduling problems are easy. QP m: m parallel identical machines Every job requires the same processing time on each machine. Use of machine eligibility constraints M j if job j can only be executed on a subset of machines OAirport gate scheduling: wide and narrow body airplanes QQ m: m uniformly related machines We consider the singlemachine scheduling problem to minimize the weighted sum of completion times under precedence constraints. In a series of recent papers, it was established that this

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