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So what is EcoLogo, and why should consumers care? Established more than 20 years ago and acquired by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in 2010, EcoLogo is currently the only North American ecolabeling program approved by the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), an association of thirdparty labeling organizations dedicated to improving transparency in environmental products and services.ECOLOGO Certifications are voluntary, multiattribute, lifecycle based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing, exhaustive auditing, or both, to prove its compliance with stringent, thirdparty, environmental performance standards. ecologo pdf

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ECOLOGO Certification from UL Environment delivers comprehensive value to help you gain a competitive edge and win in the marketplace. When selecting an ecolabel for cleaning products, you need more than a certification; you need a partner in sustainability. TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc. www. terrachoice. com The EcoLogoCM Program Presentation to: Comparative Safety Statements or Logos for Pesticide Product Labeling Work Group to the PPDC September 10, 2008 Meeting. Presentation to Work Group to the PPDC Arlington VA September 10, 2008 ecologo pdf OSH ANIOSH INFOSHEET ProtectingWorkersWho Use Cleaning Chemicals Workplaces, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and manufacturing plants, use cleaning chemicals to ensure the cleanliness of their buildings. Workers who handle these

UL is the exclusive provider of GREENGUARD Certification for products that meet stringent chemical emissions requirements, and ECOLOGO Certification for products that meet multiattribute, life cyclebased sustainability standards. ecologo pdf ATP001 Page: 1 Issue No: 003 Date: 95nov07 ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICEM PROGRAM REUSABLE UTILITY BAGS (CCD100) ACCEPTANCE TEST PROCEDURE SUBJECT: Reusable Shopping Bags ATP001 1. 0 PURPOSE 1. 1 The purpose of this Acceptance Test Procedure is to describe the method used by the Environmental To be authorized to carry the EcoLogo the architectural surface coating must: (a) meet or exceed all applicable governmental andor industrial safety and performance standards; and (b) be manufactured and transported in such a manner that all steps of the process, including the The ECOLOGO Certification Program was aquired by UL Environment, a division of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in 2010. ECOLOGO Certification is based on multiattribute, life cyclebased standards. All products certified to an ECOLOGO standard must meet or exceed each of the listed criteria before receiving the mark. The EcoLogoCM Program is designed to support a continuing effort to improve andor maintain environmental quality by reducing energy and materials consumption and by minimizing the impacts of pollution generated by the production, use and disposal of goods and services.

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