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Philips Semiconductors Application note Applications for compandors NE SA571 AN174 1997 Aug 20 103 VIN VOUT R3 R2 R1 CIN1 CIN2 CRECT R4 G VREF RA RB SR Figure 3. Expandor With Low Level Mistracking LOW LEVEL MISTRACKING The compandor will follow a 2to1 tracking ratio down to very low levels.www. ti. com OUT V CC RESET CONT GND DISCH THRES TRIG RESET can overrideTRIG, which can overrideTHRES. NA556, NE556, SA556, SE556 DUAL PRECISION TIMERS SLFS023G APRIL 1978 REVISED JUNE 2006 ne571n pdf

The SA571 compandor building blocks, as shown in the block diagram, are a fullwave rectifier, a variable gain cell, an operational amplifier and a bias system.

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NE571N datasheet, NE571N pdf, NE571N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Philips, Compandor ne571n pdf This is the Philips's NE571N Compandor. Datasheet file is in PDF format. Block diagram, pinout and NE571N Circuit application inside. NE521 http: onsemi. com 5 ORDERING INFORMATION Device Temperature Range Package Shipping NE521D 0 to 70C SOIC14 NE521DG SOIC14 55 UnitsRail NE571N Datasheet, NE571N Philips Semiconductor Compander Subscriber Datasheet, buy NE571N NTE571 General Purpose Silicon Rectifier Soft Recovery Controlled Avalanche Absolute Maximum Ratings: Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage, VRRM

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