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3D XPoint Technology Drives. System Architecture. JANUARY 20, 2016, SAN JOSE, CA. The Journey to Low Latency Storage. The Latency Journey So Far New Media Enables the Next Step A little about 3D XPoint Technology System and SW Architecture Changes In ProcessMicron and Intel have unveiled 3D XPoint technology, a new category of nonvolatile memory that addresses the need for highperformance, highendurance, and highcapacity memory and storage. 3D XPoint technology is up to 1, 000 times faster and has up 3d xpoint technology pdf

3D XPoint technology is an entirely new class of nonvolatile memory that can help turn immense amounts of data into valuable information in real time.

Memory and storage collide with Intel and Micron's new, muchanticipated 3D XPoint technology, but the road has been long and winding. This is a comprehensive guide to its history, its performance Sep 04, 2015  2 3D XPoint Technology A New Class of Memory Up to 1000 times faster1 than NAND Up to 1000 times greater endurance2 than NAND 10 times denser than conventional memory3 SSDs with Intel Optane technology Intel DIMMs 2016 With nextgeneration 3d xpoint technology pdf Market Synopsis of 3D XPoint Technology Market: Market Scenario: 3D Xpoint technology is a revolution for the memory market. 3D Xpoint technology is the latest technology which uses floating gate memory technology that is used to trap electrons to store bits of information.

2015 Storage Developer Conference. Objective Analysis. All Rights Reserved. Understanding the IntelMicron 3D XPoint Memory Jim Handy Objective Analysis 3d xpoint technology pdf Intel 3D XPoint technology Intel Optane SSD Memory Storage Hierarchy 3 Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. 4 Next generation storage on Intel Optane Technology Intel QLC 3D NAND SSDs 3D XPoint is memory storage technology jointly developed by Intel and Micron Technology Inc. The two vendors have described this new technology as filling a gap in the storage market between dynamic RAM ( DRAM ) and NAND flash.

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