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Noncommutative geometryas we shall use the termis to an unusual extent the creation of a single mathematician, Alain Connes; his book [12 is the central text of the subject.The algebra M2(C) is the algebra of func tions on X Xwith convolution product Di erent description of the quotient X NCG space M2(C) is a point with internal degrees noncommutative geometry introduction pdf

Noncommutative geometry is already a vast subject. These notes are just meant to be an introduction to a few aspects of this fascinating enterprize. To get a much better sense of the beauty and depth of the subject the reader should consult Connes magnicent book [15

underlie the noncommutative geometry approach to phenomenological particle models and recent attempts to place gravity and matter elds on the same geometrical footing. The rst two chapters are devoted to commutative geometry; we set up the general framework and then compute a simple example, the twosphere, in noncommutative terms. a functional integral on the space of noncommutative geometries. Contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Lessons from renormalization 4 3. Noncommutative Geometry 11 3. 1. Why noncommutative spaces? 12 3. 2. A brief history of the metric system 13 3. 3. Spectral Geometry 15 3. 4. Inner uctuations of the metric 19 3. 5. Dimensional regularization and spaces of dimension z 20 4. noncommutative geometry introduction pdf Noncommutative Integral Ansatz for a NC Integral The NC integral should be a linear functional R such that 1 It isde nedon in nitesimals of order 1 (i. e. , its domain contains L1). 2 Itvanisheson in nitesimals of order 1. 3 It takes onnonnegativevalues on positive operators. 4 It isunitaryinvariant, i. e. , R UTU R T for any unitary U.

Introduction 7 1. Measure theory (Chapters I and V) 8 2. Topology and Ktheory (Chapter II) 14 3. Cyclic cohomology (Chapter III) 19 4. The quantized calculus (Chapter IV) 25 5. The metric aspect of noncommutative geometry 34 Chapter 1. Noncommutative Spaces and Measure Theory 39 1. Heisenberg and the Noncommutative Algebra of Physical Quantities 40 2. noncommutative geometry introduction pdf Abstract: This is the introduction and bibliography for lecture notes of a course given at the Summer School on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications, sponsored by the European Mathematical Society, at Monsaraz and Lisboa, Portugal, September 110, 1997. In the published version, an epilogue of recent developments and many new references from have been added. AN INTRODUCTION TO NONCOMMUTATIVE PROJECTIVE ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY DANIEL ROGALSKI Contents 1. Lecture 1: Review of basic background and the Diamond Lemma 2 2. Lecture 2: ArtinSchelter regular algebras 14 3. Lecture 3: Point modules 24 4. Lecture 4: Noncommutative projective schemes 31 5. Lecture 5: Classi cation of noncommutative curves and surfaces 40 6. An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry Joseph C. Varilly [mathph 28 Aug 2006 Universidad de Costa Rica, 2060 San Jose, Costa Rica 28 April 2006 Abstract The lecture notes of this course at the EMS Summer School on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications in September, 1997 are now published by the EMS. A short introduction to noncommutative geometry This talk gives an elementary introduction to the basic ideas of noncommutative geometryas a mathematical theory, with some remarks for a natural generalization to noncommutative dierential geometry and non

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