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2019-09-21 20:29

Funny Girl will not make fans forget High Fidelity or About a Boy, or even one of my personal favorites, Juliet Naked. But it is solidly in there with the remainder of Hornby's fiction (except for the woebegotten Slam).Funny Girl. Make them laugh, and theyre yours forever. . . Its the swinging 60s and the nation is mesmerized by unlikely comedy star Sophie Straw, the former Blackpool beauty queen who just wants to make people laugh, like her heroine Lucille Ball. nick hornby funny girl pdf

Insightful andhumorous, Nick Hornby's latest does what he does best: endears us to a cast of characters who are funny if flawed, and forces us to examine ourselves in the process. Reviews of the Funny Girl

Nov 06, 2014  Funny Girl is the sixth fulllength novel by British author, Nick Hornby. Set, for the most part, in the midtolate 1960s, Hornbys latest novel gives the reader an intimate look at the making of a TV comedy series. Funny Girl the latest novel from Nick Hornby, the millioncopy bestselling author of About a Boy Make them laugh, and they're yours forever. . . Barbara Parker is Miss Blackpool of 1964, but she doesn't want to be a beauty queen. nick hornby funny girl pdf With Funny Girl, Hornby tries out a historical setting for the first time; his six previous novels comment on their contemporary (1990s2010s) setting. With its focus away from contemporary times, this might not be vintage Hornby, but is a memorable evocation, nevertheless, of the Swinging Sixties in Britain.

Download Funny Girl TXT Read information about the author Nick Hornby is the author of the novels A Long Way Down, Slam, How to Be Good, High Fidelity, and About a Boy, and the memoir Fever Pitch. nick hornby funny girl pdf FunnyGirl by Nick Hornby unny Girl is a lively account of the adventures of the intrepid young Sophie Straw as she navigates her transformation from provincial ingnue to television starlet amid a constellation of delightful characters.

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