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A classification of the main types of insulators is shown schematically in figure 1. Porcelain pin type insulators These were originally used for telephone lines and lightning conductors, have been adapted for power transmission and some variations are still in use for medium voltage systems. A pintype insulator is shown schematically infigure 2.SECTION 2 INSULATION MATERIALS AND PROPERTIES MP2 Insulations will be discussed in this manual according to their generic types and forms. types of insulators pdf

Class A Insulator: An insulator or insulator unit in which the length of the shortest puncture path through solid insulating material is at least equal to half the arcing distance.

Pin Insulator is earliest developed overhead insulator, but still popularly used in power network up to 33 KV system. Pin type insulator can be one part, two parts or 1 Typical application areas for different types of insulators; optimal selection of insulators including pollution testing Igor Gutman, STRI, Sweden types of insulators pdf 11 3: Types of Wire Conductors Two or more conductors in a common covering form a cable. Each wire is insulated from the others. Cables typically consist of multiple conductors, colorcoded for identification. Constant spacing between two conductors through the entire length of the cable provides a transmission line.

Conductors and Insulators 29 Chapter 4 In this chapter you will introduce your students to the concepts and practical uses of conductors and insulators. We how many different types or sizes of batteries you can find in your home or your classroom. 1. On a separate sheet of paper, types of insulators pdf TYPES OF INSULATORSThere are several types of insulators but the most commonly usedare pin type, suspension type, strain insulator and shackle insulator. 23. PIN TYPE INSULATORS As the name suggests, the pin type insulator is secured to the cross arm on the pole.

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