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The SAOCOM Mission The Argentinian Space Agency CONAE with contributions from ASI is developing an Lband SAR mission 2 satellites SAOCOM1A1B flying in constellation with COSMOSensor complement: (SAOCOMSAR) SAOCOMSAR (SAOCOMSynthetic Aperture Radar) SAOCOMSAR is an Lband polarimetric SAR instrument, the prime payload of the mission with the following objectives: 15) 16) To provide all weather, daynight polarimetric Lband SAR observations saocom pdf

Under this last configuration, both SAOCOM satellites will cover incidence angles from 20 to 57 degrees, corresponding to an access width of 600 km for the single and double polarization, and a reduced width of 170 km in quadpol modes. In all cases looking left as

SAOCOM Mission Overview L. Frulla, J. Medina, J. Milovich, G. R. Ortega, Marc Thibeault CEOS SAR CalVal Workshop, Fairbanks (Alaska) USA, November 79, 2011 COMISION NACIONAL DE ACTIVIDADES ESPACIALES The SAOCOM main payload is a SAR and the objectives are to On 8 October 2018 (7 October local time) at 2: 21 UT, SpaceX launched the Argentinian Radar surveillance satellite SAOCOM 1A ( A) in a sunsynchronous 620 km orbit. The launch took place from launch platform 4 at Vandenberg in California. saocom pdf SAOCOM 1A was launched on 8 October 2018, 02: 21 UTC (7 October, 19: 21 PDT). The satellite was deployed into a Sunsynchronous orbit. [12 The same orbit is planned to be used for SAOCOM 1B on a 2019 launch.

SAOCOM 1A Launch Campaign Thread SpaceX's seventeenth mission of 2018 will be the launch of SAOCOM 1A to a Low Earth Polar Orbit for Argentine Space Agency CONAE. This will be the first launch of the Saocom Earth observation satellite constellation. saocom pdf SAOCOMCS Phase A PAYLOAD ANALYSIS OF PASSIVE BISTATIC SYNTHETIC APERTURE RADAR Prepared by SaocomCS Payload Team Revised by P. Saameno Approved by L, de la Fuente SAOCOM 1A is the first of two SAOCOM 1series Earth observation satellites designed to provide radar imagery to help emergency responders and monitor the environment, including the collection of SAOCOM SAR Instrument Main Characteristics 2. Calibration components 3. External Calibration Model The SAOCOM calibration Strategy is build upon three features: Antenna Model, External Calibration. and. Internal Calibration. 2. TOPSAR. mode absolute Calibration made use of the. Comisin Nacional de Actividades Espaciales The present commission (CONAE) was created on May 28, 1991 during the government of Carlos Menem, after the cancellation of the military Condor missile program in an attempt to move all the commission efforts to civilian purposes.

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