Moduspec rig inspection pdf

2019-09-15 15:18

the rig inspection workshop is a must have for everyone who likes to talk business when it comes to drilling rig equipment stefan wirth, team leader operational assurance and special projects at omv e& p gmbh attended our rig inspection3 p& e, drilling& production engineering i. chalenges s. c. omv petrom and moduspec perform the inspection to working location to verify if the rigs are in compliance with the equipment specified in the contract proposals and drilling contract. moduspec rig inspection pdf

Trends in rig inspection findings. Scope Intro to ModuSpec Rig Inspections Rig Inspection Findings Examples of issues in CSG ModuSpec catalogue of industry best practice, which includes alerts and information from Cameron, Hydril, IADC, NOV etc.

The following charts are included in the inspection report: Chart 1: Rig Average Inspection Rating In comparison with an industry average, this chart shows: the percentage of the ModuSpec inspection programme which was completed for the rig, the average MER for the entire rig. Chart 2: Percentage Inspected Rig Inspection Workshop LR, Platform& JU rigs Introduction In order to ensure optimum performance of your rig, reduce downtime and maintain safety of your personnel, planned maintenance and accurate inspections are essential. moduspec rig inspection pdf DOWNLOAD MODUSPEC RIG INSPECTION moduspec rig inspection pdf propuesta de mejoras de mantenimiento al top drive del taladro pdv02, mediante la aplicacin del anlisis causa raz y el uso de herramientas predictivas. pdf Page 1.

Moduspec Checklist. Drilling Rig Inspection Manual. Rig Inspection& Acceptance. Rig Inspection Checklists 1 the general condition of the system. 6 API Spec 16C 10. 8 3 Critical 3 3 3 3 3 API Spec 16C 9. chafing. 4. 38 The rig maintenance and inspection schedule should provide NDE of the mudgas moduspec rig inspection pdf The positive impact of this inspection on the units performance depends on correctly completing ModuSpecs recommendations made in the final report. the service of Drilling rig Inspection for the drilling of Petrobras exploration and development wells during years 2012. (For a detailed description. Boquern.

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