Nok oil seals catalogue pdf

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Oil Seals. Oil seals are used for automobile engines and geared motors, and are designed mainly to prevent oil leakage from the end of a rotating shaft, or dust intrusion from the outside air.Oil Bath Seals KWIKSleeves Components Seal Kits ORings TIMKEN A LEADER IN SEAL TECHNOLOGY US 10 SEAL SPECIFICSEAL SPECIFICATION GUIDEATION GUIDE. HOW TO USE THIS CATALOG The seals listed in this catalog are arranged by shaft size and part number. Determine the method you will use for your search, then turn to the corresponding section nok oil seals catalogue pdf

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These files are related to nok oil seal catalog. Just preview or download the desired file. Industrial Seal Inc. Phone NOK NBR Piston Cup Seal This packing is used for low pressure operation, and the packing material, nitrile rubber, has excellent oil resistance that reduces sliding friction. nok oil seals catalogue pdf NOK Group started out business as an oil seal manufacturer, but through years of technological development, we are now engaged in a wide spectrum of product elds in addition to oil seals.

C. NOK OIL SEAL TYPES. ensili. Created Date: 2: 01: 06 PM nok oil seals catalogue pdf OIL SEAL SELECTION The engineering data presented here is to provide a guide line for selection of a standard seal for a general purpose application. Preface This catalog lists Koyo oil seals and Orings, including all items of the dimension series specified in ISO, JIS and JASO (Japanese Automobile Standards Organization) standards. This catalog is presented in a simple to use sequence similar to a dictionary listing. The original equipment and seal manufacturers numbers are arranged in lefttoright AlphaNumeric sequence. Oil seal A component of machine that seals lubricants, an oil seal is constructed of rubber, garter spring, and an internal case. While preventing the leakage of lubricants, water, or chemicals, an oil seal also prevents the entry of dust and dirt into a machine.

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