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Nov 09, 2014 The Penning Ionization Gauge, also known as cold cathode gauge is used to measure vacuum. High voltage between the anode and the cathode causes gas discharge and the resulting ionic current is75 PRESSURE MEASUREMENT W ITH IONIZATION GAUGES Karl Jousten Bundesanstalt, Berlin, Germany Abstract A brief history, the design, the use, and the calibration of ionisation gauges penning gauge pdf

BOURDON Vacuum Gauge The inside of a tube which is bent into a circular arc (the socalled Bourdon tube) Cold Cathode Ionization Vacuum Gauge (Penning) The ISOK flange system utilizes a multiple clamp system. This is an economical and reusable solution for rapid and frequent

1 Description 1. 1 General The PEG100 Penning Gauge is supplied ready for operation. Even so, we recommend to read these Operating Instructions with care so as to ensure optimum operating Edwards Penning Gauge Cleaning Procedure Document Prepared by Ian TyrerTomkinson 26th October 2011 Page 1 of 5 Important, please read fully before attempting to clean the Gauge and make certain you have the required parts, a list which can be found at the end of the document. penning gauge pdf The Penning gauge head will operate at any attitude but mounting vertically (with the flange horizontal and facing downwards) is recommended so as to avoid the possibility of debris falling into the gauge

magnitude brighter than the NSTXU Penning gauge. The double ring anode creates the brightest discharge which can be, depending on the operating anode voltage, about 2. 5 times brighter than the discharge of the ring anode. Note that the light output of the NSTXU gauge is penning gauge pdf The gauge is based on the concept of a coldcathode Penning ionization gauge. Electrons, born from cold cathode surfaces via field emission or ionimpact are confined along a magnetic field. PENNING VACUUM GUAGE. The Penning gauge is a cold cathode type ionisation gauge consisting of two electrodes anode and cathode. The outer cylinder of the gauge 7. 3 UTube Manometers 5 dicating needle. One of many variations, the Bourdon gauge, is shown in Figure 7. 2. Evacuating a tube in the gauge shown al 3. 1 The Penning gauge The working principle of this type of gauge is to generate a discharge between two metal electrodes (anode and cathode) by applying a DC high voltage.

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