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entries on widely varying musical styles, music theory and general music history. The information is very wellresearched and each entry morethanadequately covers the major aspects of each topic. TheMusical Terminology and Symbols The Musical Terminology and Symbols represented here are the basic terms and symbols that every musician needs to know to perform any genre of Western Music. Terms shown in BOLD and CAPITALIZED type are important. basic music terms pdf

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Basic Music Theory is an ideal and highly recommended te xt for anyone of any background wanting to become proficient in the reading, composing, and performance of written and notated music. This is done becauseofgreater facilityinwriting, and for the same reasonother slight basic music terms pdf Basic Musical Terms Accelerando Increase of tempo in music Accompaniment Music that goes along with a more important part; often harmony or rhythmic patterns accompanying a melody.

Glossary of Musical Terms 133 D da capo: (Italian to the head ) a written indication telling a performer to go back to the start of a piece decrescendo: gradually getting quieter (see diminuendo) development: 1) the central dramatic section of a sonata form that moves harmonically through many keys; 2) the process of expanding or manipulation a musical idea basic music terms pdf In music notation, the accidental sign is placed to the left of the notehead. When we speak or write about such notes, the words flat , sharp , or natural go after the note name.

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