How can i read pdf files on my phone

2019-09-21 09:54

You can read books, listen to your favorite songs, watch movies and live TV, shopping, mobile banking, and hundreds of other things on your smart device. PDF is one of the most popular document formats in the virtual environment. You can read PDF files or books easily and quickly on cell phones without spending a dime.If you like to read Adobe PDF ebooks, Word Documents or text files on your iPod, cell phone or any other portable device that supports pictures, heres an extremely useful utility. how can i read pdf files on my phone

Aug 17, 2017 If you don't want to get a thirdparty app to make PDF files on your phone, look for a Save as PDF option when you select the Print command in Android, left.

No advanced functions, just a nice thumbnail page browser. My only quibble is that the fonts don't zoom gracefully, so small text in a PDF can look ugly and blocky when you zoom in, as shown below. How to View PDF Files on an Android Phone. In this Article: Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader Opening Downloaded PDF Files Opening Online PDF Files Using Google Drive Community Q& A. This wikiHow teaches you how to open PDF files on an Android smartphone. how can i read pdf files on my phone When you open a PDF file in Safari, you can read it like other web content, but you also have the option to open it in iBooks, which will appear in the upperright corner of the page. If you have other PDF readers installed, then you could tap Open in instead.

Make sure that the PDF file is saved on your Android device. If the file is on your PC, then connect your Android device to your PC using a micro USB cable and transfer the file to your phone or tablet. Step 3. Navigate to the folder where the PDF file is saved on your how can i read pdf files on my phone

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