How to link a pdf file in adobe muse

2019-09-21 20:18

Issue with web links in PDF document using adobe reader 1011. Hi, We are creating the PDF documents that contains website links. The problem that is occurring is whenever we click on the website links in the pdf file, it opens up IE browser but just show connecting message without actually showing the link and This Adobe muse siteYes, very easy: Place a thumbnail picture and link the file to it (link command on top of the window). how to link a pdf file in adobe muse

Embed a PDF file directly within your Adobe Muse website with the PDF Viewer Wiget from MuseThemes.

Jun 22, 2016 When in Muse click File Publish to Business Catalyst a window will pop up give it a name and upload your site, the link should finish by been something like If you have already uploaded it to the business catalyst server then you have already given it a name and that should be your link. The downloadable files could be PDF, DOC, PPT, TXT, rich media, or other types of files that you would like to share with your site visitors, but are not currently how to link a pdf file in adobe muse In this Adobe Muse tutorial video, learn how to create hyperlinks that link content from pagetopage and to external websites, as well as hyperlinks that open a new message window in your user's email client.

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